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Programme of Events Autumn 2017

Ellon Library Event 8th November - Change of Topic
The topic for the cafe at Ellon Library on 8th October will now be "Sounds and Words" in which Dr Jasna Martinovic will demonstrate a series of auditory illusions and discuss what they tell us about the way in which our brain processes sound.

The Philosophy Cafe continues into autumn with a series of new topics to extend our thinking and encourage discussion. We hope to see all our regular supporters as well as new friends who might be encouraged to come along. Be assured that no prior knowledge of any of the topics is required and any discussion will take place in small informal groups where you can voice your own opinions or just listen to the opinions of others. No pressure.

This year we will continue to host some daytime cafes in local academies with senior pupils and we are happy to invite some of our regular supporters to come along to these to add an inter-generational point of view to the discussions. Send us an email if this is something that you'd be interested in.

If you feel there is anything we could do better, then email us with your suggestions. Please tell your friends about the Cafes and encourage them to come along with you.

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