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Previous events held by The Philosophy Café

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2 March, 2022
The relationship between sound and meaning in language - expect some reference to swearing
1 December, 2021
Remembering your intentions - considering young and older adults
3 November, 2021
Performance versus Preparation
1 September, 2021
Currently in Aberdeen University's Historic Collections
2 June, 2021
Dr Stephen Dornan will introduce "Tha Jaa Banes"a new collection of Ulster-Scots poetry and discuss the Ulster-Scots tradition and comparison with Scots writing in Scotland
5 May, 2021
Discussion led by Professor Vera Kempe from Abertay University
7 April, 2021
This disucssion will be led by Dr Jon Baird and will include an approach taken to the pandemic
3 February, 2021
Panel Discussion
4 November, 2020
Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
2 September, 2020
Press Freedom: should it ever be constrained.
4 March, 2020
A deep-time Myth of Sisyphus' ? an archaeological talk
4 December, 2019
Anxiety: What is it and what can we do about it?
6 November, 2019
What impact will artificial intelligence have on jobs?
2 October, 2019
A deep and meaningful discussion about our mother tongue: How do you feel about the language we use? ?
16 February, 2019
A Sideways Look at the Great War
10 October, 2018
Numerical Cognition Across the Lifespan - looking at how our brains deal with numbers over our lifetime
12 September, 2018
18 August, 2018
Our summer event involves crime scenarios for you to discuss and solve and also input on real life detection techniques from a former member of the police force.
11 April, 2018
14 March, 2018
Numerical Cognition Across the Lifespan
8 November, 2017
Dr Jasna Martinovic will demonstrate a series of auditory illusions and discuss what they tell us about the way in which our brain processes sound.
11 October, 2017
This is an alteration to the original programme due to the speaker's illness
13 September, 2017
Medieval Female Shaming Punishments
9 August, 2017
The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
14 June, 2017
Should women be allowed to play professional football with men?
10 May, 2017
An Archaeological Insight into Changing Breastfeeding and Weaning Practices in Britain’s Past
8 February, 2017
The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
14 December, 2016
Please note this is a change of topic to that previously advertised.
9 November, 2016
Archaeological Insights into Changing Breastfeeding and Weaning Practices in Britain in the Past
27 October, 2016
A Philosophy Cafe discussion led by Dr Dan Wall of Aberdeen University. Part of Crime Fest 2016
12 October, 2016
What are they and why do we believe them?
14 September, 2016
Discussion will be led by Dr Dan Wall from Aberdeen University
29 June, 2016
a historical look at medieval shaming punishments including women shaming
8 June, 2016
Reporting Fact of Fiction?
13 April, 2016
Reconstructing Early Medieval Diets in Scotland using Archaeological Chemistry
9 March, 2016
Human Decision Making
10 February, 2016
Should the NHS fund amputation of healthy limbs?
2 December, 2015
Literature and Controversy
11 November, 2015
Learning from Archaeology
14 October, 2015
How did the Picts survive?
9 September, 2015
A discussion about human decision making
17 June, 2015
The Ethics of the Media
4 June, 2015
Please note this cafe is on a Thursday afternoon.
20 May, 2015
18 February, 2015
14 November, 2014
16 October, 2014
Archaeology: a new twist on an old topic
25 September, 2014
Crime: justification for punishment
Friday 29 August, 2014
The sense of self : autobiography and self confession literature - part of the World of Words Celebrations
19 June, 2014
Is digging up the past just a load of old rubbish?
15 May, 2014
Is Alice in Wonderland the same story as the film Inception?
20 February, 2014
Why does Israeli-Palestinian peace remain elusive?
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These are currently in Aberdeen University's Historic Collections
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Human Decision Making
Thurs 16 October, 2014
A new twist on old rubbish
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Performance versus Preparation
Thurs 20 November, 2014
The sense of self : autobiography and self confession literature

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