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About The Philosophy Cafe, Aberdeenshire

What is The Philosophy Cafe, Aberdeenshire?

It is a self-financing charitable organisation which works in partnership with Aberdeen University and Aberdeenshire Libraries and is supported by Foundation Scotland. It offers an opportunity to hear about and reflect on contemporary society's unsolved problems and unanswered questions in the company of distinguished lecturers.

The idea of a Philosophy Cafe came from Marc Sautet in Paris in 1992 who wanted to return the basic principles of reasoning and critical thinking to the general public. He thought that a cafe offered an ideal place to bring the general public together in a friendly forum where they could discuss ideas and carry on philosophical conversations in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere while drinking coffee.

The concept of philosophy cafes has grown world wide and they are now found in many European countries as well as the United States, Canada and Australia. They provide a space, away from outside influences, for people to gather together to develop their thinking skills and to start questioning various aspects of life.

What happens at an Event

The events organised by the Philosophy Cafe in Aberdeenshire are designed to bring people together to listen to speakers, to share thoughts and ideas and to encourage debate and critical thinking about society's challenges. They are open to everyone who is interested in continuing learning or in stimulating discussion. No prior knowledge or expertise is required.